Friday, June 21, 2002

Sasha Castel has some ideas about what we should call the new "homeland security" department thingie that's in the making.

I actually prefer "Department of You Ever Mess With Us Again You Filthy Bastards We're Going To Reduce You To Grease Spots and Feed Your Organs To Our Pets", but it just isn't practical.

In the Daily Sleaze, on airport noise:

Inside her hilltop home on 131st Street in Hawthorne, Stephanie Brito was jolted from the late evening news by what she thought was a plane struggling to maintain altitude.

“I thought we were going to die,” said Brito, 59. “I thought this was a terrorist flight.”

Get a grip, woman. I live two blocks from you, and I never got close to saying my prayers.

Records compiled by LAX environmental officials show that 92 planes took off to the east at night from June 2000 to March 2002, accounting for about 2 percent of all nighttime departures during that time. Qantas and China Airlines led the way with 16 each, followed by Eva Air with 13 and Korean Airlines with eight, records show. Most of the aircraft involved were Boeing 747-400s.

Boo friggin' hoo. I've lived close to LAX for over a decade. I don't even hear the planes anymore.

But members of an aircraft noise forum called the LAX Community Roundtable want to know if the operations are always necessary.

To which pilots replied "No. Not at all. We just like making a nuisance of ourselves and waking people up in the middle of the night. You should try it some time. It's great fun."

Some people would like the airlines to cut the number of east takeoffs by lightening the loads on their 747s to shorten takeoff rolls or delaying their departures until easterly tail winds die down.

Thus making airfare costs ridiculously high.

Any limitations that would restrict a pilot's right to excersize his best judgement when it comes to the integrity of the aircraft that he's in command of are dangerous. You live near the airport. Deal with the noise or move.

Dear Molly,
We could try peace. We could step back, stand down, and sit tight while waiting for the release of September 11 Part II: The Carnage Continues. Trust me, save the folks whose mental health has gone sour, everybody thinks that peace is just groovy. But it’s time to face up to the plain reality that we’ve got a whole bunch of really mean enemies. So while you wax on about how bombing makes us “unpopular”, realize this: the people that we are going after hate your stinking guts. Given the chance, they would take you out so fast, you wouldn’t know what hit you until the voice of Saint Peter asked if you prefer the smoking or non-smoking section. They would do so even if it cost them their own lives, and die with bliss knowing that they will be revered as heroes in their homelands.

Now don’t you cry about suppressing dissent. That’s not my intention here. To be perfectly honest, the likes of you are a source of great amusement for me, and I’d like you to continue in your efforts for years to come.

If we're going to do this, I suggest the administration prepare the country for exactly how big the risks are. Unfortunately, it seems more inclined to question the patriotism of anyone who asks questions.

I don’t think you’re un-patriotic. I just think you’re really, really dumb.

(Thanks to Juan "Devil with the Ladies" Gato for the link)

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Thanks to the reader who wishes to remain anonymous for referring me to The Portadown News. It's hysterically funny and highly recommended.

This is very, very cool.

Thanks, Kris!

Taking advice from Elvis in the NI peace process.

Unless we see "A little more bite and a little less bark" from the Government could Trimble be blamed for telling his party "Come on baby I'm tired of talking/Grab your coat and let's start walking"?

Here we go again...give me a fucking name. Don't just say "Northern Ireland Police". Give 'em the name of the dirty, rotten cop that told you to shoot Mr. Finucane or shut the hell up. If you're not going to point your finger at someone specific, then pointing it at all is just a waste of everyone's time.

He said Protestant guerrillas would not have thought of killing Mr. Finucane otherwise because lawyers were considered off limits. "To be honest, Finucane would be alive today if the peelers hadn't interfered," Mr. Barrett said. "Solicitors were kind of taboo, you know what I mean? We used a lot of Roman Catholic solicitors ourselves."

Okay, which bloody "peelers" interfered? Did the entire goddamm Northern Ireland police force meet you at a pub and say "Hey Ken! Go shoot ol' Pat. And make sure you do it in front of his kids"? If it's justice that everyone is so intent on having, then why aren't they asking the same questions?

Cherie Blair is an idiot. This guy's an even bigger idiot.

The mismatch between the theory and practice of Blair's Middle East policy stems from an unwillingness to confront Washington with the uncomfortable truth that a just peace will remain elusive while one side enjoys impunity. If Cherie Blair has performed one service this week, it has been to remind us that terrorism cannot be tackled while injustice is ignored. Many have long suspected that she would have made a more principled and courageous politician than her husband. Now we have proof.


Update: Thanks, Bob. My current distractions are adding up to some sloppy blogging. I forgot to link the Wanker article. It's here.

I'm back. Sort of. It's been a real shit week, and I haven't quite landed on my feet yet. But I will. Cheers to everyone who's willing to stay tuned.