Friday, April 19, 2002

Northern Ireland Secretary John Reid said the government was "concerned" about the revelations but he said the files did not prove that the IRA was about to resume its campaign.

Much in the same way that I have beer in my refrigerator, but that doesn't prove that I'm going to drink it.

Meanwhile, as of this post, still no mention of the matter over at the official Sinn Fein website.

I can't get that "Hit List" off my mind. Maybe it's because I'm sick to death of the excuses and the sympathy that's thrown the way of the IRA. Maybe it's becaused I'm embarrassed that most of their money comes from idiots in my country that seem to think that because their name is "McSomething", they somehow have a stake in the outcome (notice to American O'Donaters, with apologies to the decent people of Ireland and their country: if you love Ireland so much that you're willing to exchange your cash for someone else's life, then go back there. I guarantee it'll take you less than a week to figure out why your great-grandfather left. You fight. You die. You bury your friends and family. You live in constant fear. But don't sentence other people to suffer the kind of life you're not brave enough to take on yourself.). Maybe it's because I've got friends in the Tory Party, and every single one of them is a decent, even-handed person that doesn't deserve to die at the hands of a filthy terrorist.

Enough of the IRA. It's time to roll out the tanks and crush them like the insects that they are. Seriously, think about it, folks. I challenge all of these "republicans" to name one thing they want to do when they wake up in the morning that they can't do because the Queen is on their money. Even if you can name one thing, is it really worth the senseless murder of hundreds of people? This is the government of Great Britain we're talking about, not some ancient Khanate dictated by a bloodthirsty warlord.

Don't shovel me any of that Adams-esque business about "freedom". Ireland is a country that has only legalized divorce within the last decade, that listens more carefully to Rome than it does to its own citizens. Freedom indeed.

As for the IRA, these are the bastards that once murdered a Catholic woman because she comforted a wounded British soldier while he was dying, and then refused to tell authorities and her family where they put her body for years. She left ten children behind. This is what they do to their own people.

Tony Blair and his New Labor cronies need to get their heads out of Leon Trotsky's ass and their lips off of EU bureaucrat's butts and get down to protecting their own people and public servants. Enough negotiation. Enough empty promises. Enough death. Enough of the IRA.

UPDATE: The following from the Wanker -

A number of army bases are understood to be on the list as well.

It's a "Hit List". And no, we're not talking Casey Kasem.

Peace, my ass, Gerry Adams. Shame on you, and your entire shitty, blood-stained operation.

Read my lips: WHAT THE F*CK?

"Prime Minister Tony Blair has refused to rule out further tax rises to help fund struggling public services."

Are we actually going to get to witness the public political suicide of New Labor? Can it be? Will the dream be finally realized?

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Iain Dale has finally posted up the goods about his dinner with Mrs. T.

UPDATE: Well, whatever. I can't get the permalink to work. Just go here and read the stuff at the top.

At least Mr. Brown was smart about one thing:

Mr Brown said that, for public health reasons, tax on cigarettes is to increase by 6 pence on each packet of 20. Duty on beer, wine and spirits, however, will remain frozen.

Notice, For The People And Their Health Because We, The Minions Of Blair, Know What's Best For You includes a rise on cigarette tax for health reasons, but not alcohol. This confirms my belief that beer is, in fact, good for you.

Gordon Brown, on his budget, which will increase the amount of money British employers and employees pay into national insurance by 1%, in order to help the failing National Health Service:
"People have got a right to know, and we have got a duty to tell them, how their money is being spent."

That's such a politician thing to say. I bet in every democracy in the world, every party has a spokesperson that has said those very same words.

"The public must see the NHS improving and the Government must deliver those improvements."

HA HA HA HA. Did he say "government...deliver...improvements"?

"Plain speaking, I say to people you have to pay more but it’s for the health service and we will be judged on whether we can make the health service better and I believe we can."

It's For The Health Service. It's always okay to throw endless amounts of cash at something if it's For The Children, For The Greater Good, For Improving The Health Service. I believe they can make the health service better, too. I just think they need to start with the administration, not the budget.

"Yes it’s a gamble politically but it’s not a gamble with the economy because the economy is stable."

Yeah, it is now. But he's talking about a five year investment of around forty billion pounds...

"I don’t think I’m nervous because I think it is the right thing to do. I do accept it’s a hard and difficult choice I’ve made, but I want the best health service and so do the British public."

Oh, and I forgot, It's For The People, too.*

*Since these services are For The British People, they are wholly separate from Juan Gato's The People (TM), a subsidiary of The Children (TM). The Labor government is currently examining it's options for the potential creation of It's For Improving The Health Service, Ltd. and It's For The Workers, LLC.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Dolls of George Bush (left) and Osama bin Laden

I want one. Actually, I'd need at least ten of the Osama model.

*one to set on fire.
*three to decapitate. The heads will then be delivered on silver platters to Bush, Rummy, and Condi, respectively.
*two to dress in burkas.
*one to stick with pins and perform various other voodoo rituals on.
*one to squash under the tires of my car over and over again.
*two for blender fodder.

What would you do with your very own Osama doll?

And in the spirit of fairness, here's a little bit of info from the website of the Israeli consulate:

464 Israelis have been murdered and 3,700 have been seriously injured since the beginning of the current violence in September 2000.
197 Israelis have been killed since September 2000 in suicide bombings.
166 Israelis have been killed since September 2000 in shooting attacks.
66 Israelis have been killed since the arrival of American peace envoy Anthony Zinni to the Middle East on March 14, 2002.
256 Israelis were killed by Palestinian terror from the signing of the Declaration of Principles with the PLO on September 13, 1993, to the outbreak of the current violence seven years later.
12,479 attacks (including shooting, bombing, grenade assaults, stabbing) have occurred since September 2000.
460 terror attacks have occurred in the past 3 weeks.
4,185 Palestinians have been detained since the beginning of "Operation Defensive Shield" - among them are 121 wanted terrorists.
Since "Operation Defensive Shield" began Israel has arrested:
309 PA security officials involved in terror activity
287 Fatah/Tanzim terrorists
275 Hamas terrorists
60 Islamic Jihad terrorists
57 Popular Front terrorists
3 Democratic Front terrorists
113 unaffiliated individuals involved in terror activity

4,000 rifles, 800 pistols, 90 machine guns have been seized during "Operation Defensive Shield".
97 explosives charges, 5 explosive belts have been seized during "Operation Defensive Shield".
50 tons of illegal arms (including long-range missiles, mortars, mines and advanced explosives) were seized by Israel on the Karine A ship in January 2002 in international waters about 300 miles from Israel' s Red Sea port Eilat.
40 tons of illegal arms were seized by Israel in May 2001 on the Santorini, a boat that had successfully deposited caches of arms in Gaza at least three prior times.

"In the last eighteen months, Israel's six million citizens have buried over four hundred victims of terror - a per capita toll equivalent to half a dozen September 11ths" - Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speech before the US Senate on April 10, 2002.

From the Saudi Arabian Information Resource:

While presiding over the Cabinet's weekly meeting at al-Salam Palace in Jeddah today, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz al Saud said Israel's continuing brutality, day by day, involving massacres in the Palestinian territories, including the killing of innocents, hiding of bodies and demolition of residential complexes with the Palestinian residents still inside is yet further evidence of the Jewish state's lack of interest in complying with the will of the world community and its insistence on following the path of aggression and genocide of the Palestinian people, in a flagrant breach of the most basic of human rights, existing norms of behaviour and requirements under international law.

That's right, folks. A breach of basic human rights and existing norms of behavior. My goodness, if these people don't think state sanctioned suicide bombing is a "breach" of every notion of civilization that has ever existed anywhere, then it's time kiss them off. Seriously.

Monday, April 15, 2002

"Lib Dems launch election campaign", with leader Charles Kennedy proclaiming "We are enormously proud of our record".

I have to wonder what record it is exactly that Kennedy is referring to? The world record for "poorest showing in elections"? Or is it "party with the largest number of members most likely to be laughed at behind their backs at parties"? Could it be "farest reaching platform with vaguest solutions for how to fulfill campaign promises"?

Take, for istance, this spokesman Don Foster, who says "Liberal Democrats believe that local councils should be set free to provide quality public services that meet the needs of local people." Imagine. Public services meeting the needs of local people. What a brave and thoroughly modern concept, unique to the Libs and the sort of brilliant minds that must be at work in their think tank.

Past Liberal Democrat policies have included outlawing tragedy, poverty, and all forms of warfare that are not directly related to the outcome of a soccer match.

Ehud Barak in the Times:

What I found at Camp David was an Arafat who does not recognise the moral and legal right of Israel to exist as a Jewish, Zionist democratic state. Israel will never yield to terror in its fight for this right. Mr Arafat does not envision a Palestinian state alongside Israel but a Palestinian state instead of Israel, and now he tries to dictate it by dispatching brainwashed human missiles to commit suicide and murder civilians.