Friday, April 05, 2002

Peter Buck of R.E.M. has been cleared of air rage charges. Apparently, the sleeping pill made him do it. While the rest of the world drifts off into a mellow slumber after taking these pills, Buck is transformed into a ill-mannered, renegade sky-ninja who shouldn't be held accountable for his actions. Sort of like Dr. David Banner turning into the Incredible Hulk.

Enough of this "X made me do it" bullshit. It's just that, bullshit. Buck took the pill, and if he was half the "Southern gentleman" that his family and bandmates were claiming, he would have swallowed the consequences and took responsiblity, like a real man would have.

While hysterical ninnies have been harping about the horror of detainees at Guantanamo Bay not getting an all-expense paid vacation to Club Med, the Taliban and Al-Qaida "forces" have been offering cash rewards for Westerners - $50,000 dead, twice as much alive.

But remember, this is just an imperialist, racist war attempting to secure hegemony and cheap oil.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Favorite blogger quote of the week: "Just because the Palestinian leadership has a legitimate grievance, it doesn't mean they aren't assholes."

A photograph that's just as befitting the man as the title of his latest book:

UPDATE: VodkaPundit notes the striking resemblance to Janet Reno...

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Iraq Boosts Suicide Bomber Payment.


The father/daughter blog team of Elana and Andre S have a great site, Middle East Realities. If you haven't been over there yet, be good to yourself, and pay them a visit.

Novelist, screenwriter, and all-around Really Dumb Guy ("I can't believe the spoon didn't come with directions!") Nicholas Blincoe on the Israeli banishment of the press from Ramallah:

"The overwhelming impression is that the Israeli army wishes to behave in any way it chooses, unseen by outsiders."

My overwhelming impression: Mr. Blincoe is a blithering moron. Hello! They've got a job to do, and maybe they'd like to do it without a bunch of nosy journalists shoving their microphones down the throat of everyone in their path. And maybe, just maybe, they want to make sure that these reporters, on their noble quest for the scoop, don't inadvertantly get churned into collateral damage.

And in case anyone is has forgotten the purpose of deploying the army to begin with:

Late Tuesday, Israeli soldiers foiled a suicide bombing on the edge of the West Bank by shooting at explosives strapped to the attacker's chest, detonating the bomb and killing the man before he could get close enough to harm others. The bombing was the seventh such attack in about a week.

From today's Daily Wanker: "BBC defies complaints with funeral coverage".

Apparently, there's some sort of fuss over there about how much time the BBC is devoting to covering the Queen Mum's death. Mark Byford, in his "defiance", is disregarding some 2,000 complaints that the coverage is excessive.

Yep. Two thousand. In a country of over sixty-million people. For goodness' sake, I bet the BBC gets that many complaints a day about the friggin' Teletubbies. Why is this even being reported? You know why? Because the people that are bitching about it are socialist nimrods that would prefer to ditch the monarchy, and along with it a nation's history and culture, for life inside a Billy Bragg song. Screw them! All two thousand of them. Give the Queen Mother her due. She saw her country through the dark days of two massive wars and countless conflicts, stood by the side of not only her family, but her subjects, when others recommended she flee for safety's sake, and outlived most of her peers by nearly two decades. She was one tough cookie.

I say make the BBC ALL QUEEN MUM ALL THE TIME. Why not? MSNBC became the DianaNetwork for three weeks after that annoying, whiny brat kicked it. And what the hell did she ever do besides wimper about how hard it was to live in a palace?

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

As if any of you came here before reading this, Welch is one of the few guys that can prove that you can be a lefty that likes Nader, and not be a total dummy.

Or some of you can be like me, and be a righty that likes P.J., and still be a total dummy.

By now, almost everyone in the galaxy of Blog has linked and commented on this article by Alex Beam condemning our little hobby. I've just gotta throw in my two cents...

I don't think that professional journalists are the slightest bit "threatened" that the blog medium is going to supplant traditional journalism, as a few bloggers have maintained. It's more than a little bit obvious that we bloggers rely heavily on the regular print/internet news. I do, however, believe that it's come as a bit of surprise to a great many of them that what they do for a living isn't all that darn special. An Air Force mechanic, a number of lawyers, and a host of others from non-writing professions have proven that they are capable of producing work that has just as much grace, eloquence and wit as a Columbia grad.

As for our accuracy, I challenge any anti-bloggers out there to come up with the name of one blogger that has seen the slightest bit of success or traffic after repeatedly posting misinformation. Not legions, folks. Just one.

And yes, Mr. Beam, I consistently link to other bloggers. A great deal of them are a hell of a lot better at this than I am, and I don't think it's silly or "cloying", as you would have it, to recognize them as such. If I find my way to a story or site via a fellow blogger more keen or alert than I, I choose to give them credit. I would like to know exactly what it is you find offensive about that?

As a staff member of my high school yearbook, I was required to take several writing courses at a local community college, and attend a week long journalism camp at UCSD. My first major was journalism, and I took a number of university courses on the subject. Regardless of the focus of the each course, I found that there were two basic principles consistent in all of them: how to stay short and to the point, and how to keep your ass from getting sued. Note that it wasn't accuracy that we were taught was important, it was liability.

I don't think it's all that clear whether blogging is here to stay, or if it's just another trend, like leg warmers and neon dolphin shorts. But it is clear that blogging is a viable, interesting, and fresh approach to the delivery of news and information. And it's a whole lotta fun. The minute it stops being fun, I'll quit. Until then, I'm more than happy to keep you annoyed, Mr. Beam.

Did anyone else watch the BBC World News last night? I did. And I tell you what, it's the last time I will ever watch that biased load of crap masquerading as news. If you were lucky enough to have missed it, then let me give you a brief summary of their lead story:

Look! It's the evil Israeli Army shooting at unarmed, peaceful protesters! Now they're shooting at us! Holy crap! And in the same town where Jesus was born!

Except that the soldiers were firing towards the ground, about six feet away from the crowd. A few people were injured, but only the incredibly stupid ones that didn't understand that what the men in the tanks were doing is what is referred to in smarter circles as a "warning" that meant "Go home. Get a job, a hobby, a pet, anything. Just get off of the friggin' streets. They're kind of dangerous right now."

I though Dave Worley was going to do something about this kind of garbage? Dave, enough with Patsy and Edina already. GET BUSY.

Go visit this blog, where Ben Thornton, Jim Horne ("call your mother and ask for him"), and someone who calls himself "Blow Hard" promise "We are full of shit". Except they're not, as evidenced by posts such as this:

"Iran would 'consider' using oil as weapon against US over Israel

And in other news, the US will consider using weapons as weapons against Iran."

Both Tim Blair and Damian Penny have already commented on Michael Moore's most recent "Book Tour Diary" entry, so just read theirs. I'll only add a photo of Michael, aparently in "hot water" these days:

Monday, April 01, 2002

My father has a simplified analogy about the "outrage" over Israel's actions in Ramallah: If someone walked up to you on the street and punched you in the face, you may or may not feel that you have the right to punch them back. They, however, do not have the right to complain if you do.

Damian Penny says sort of the same thing, only better.

I have recently been informed by Terry Oglesby that, as I was born in Selma, Alabama, I qualify for membership in his prestigious "Axis of Weevil".

Thank you, Mr. Oglesby. Color me one proud red-hot mama. I promise to do my dangdest to make you and your fellow members proud.